Anemo Analytics

Anemo Analytics develop software and data driven analytic solutions to operators, owners, and developers of wind turbines.


We unlock the operational potential of your data and optimize your future wind energy production.


We provide combine our knowhow and engineering experience on wind turbines with industrial machine learning and analytics development – we turn Big Data into Smart Data


Our Services and Solutions


Asset Management

Performance Reporting


Understand your past to improve the future - get an objective and data driven performance assessment of your wind farm


Analytics for

Performance Optimization


Deploy dedicated analytical solutions and optimized control algorithms to improve your wind farm yield and performance metrics


Digitalization and digital transformation

- How to start simple -


Get support on data driven value generation - from digital business strategy to hands-on deployment of analytics initiatives. We keep it simple


Wind farm owners and investors

Wind farm operators and service providers

OEM manufactures

Address: Agern Allé 24, 2970 Hørsholm


Email: info@anemo-analytics.com


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