Our Products and Services

ALL data driven - no extra hardware and new sensors required


Yaw misalignment


We calculate the turbine yaw misalignment, implement corrective action and validate increased power production.


Rotor aerodynamic efficiency


We calculate the aerodynamical efficiency of your turbine and adjust the pitch for optimum power output.


Single pitch misalignment


We calculate the individual blade pitch misalignment, implement corrective action and validate reduced fatigue loads.

Blade mass imbalance


We calculate the rotor mass imbalance and outline the corrective action. Upon correction we validate  reduced fatigue loads.


Retrieve ALL your data


Retrieve and secure your entire operational data and get full insight. The high frequency data enables improved integrity management and day-to-day trouble shooting.


Continuous optimization


Deploy our models in a continuous feedback loop ensuring real time optimization of your asset operation. Example: Continuous change point detection and evaluation of your power curve performance

Unlocking the potential of your operational data and optimizing your lifetime energy production



Creating business value

Turning Big Data into Smart Data

Using Turbine Specific Domain Knowledge


Wind farm owners and investors - onshore / offshore and across OEM brands

Wind farm operators and service providers

OEM manufactures


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