About Us


Wind turbine knowledge, domain knowhow and experience

Advanced analytical and data science competences

Innovation capability and proven track-record for delivering-as-promised

Anemo Analytics is an innovative tech start-up focusing on delivering customer solutions within the wind turbine industry. The company was founded in 2016 with the focus of combining our +10 years international experience of core wind turbine engineering knowhow, with our innovative algorithm and machine learning methodologies for wind turbine performance assessment and performance improvement.

We continuously work on applying our internal domain competences within wind turbine knowhow, analytics and computer science into actual customer applications. We do that to continuously ensure focus on customer value creation and to ensure the cost-efficiency in our choice of analytics tools and methods for each customer application. Thereby, we have the ability of delivering complete and unique solution to our customers.

ANEMO [Greek anemos, wind.]


In botany, an anemophilous (Greek philos, loving) plant is one that is pollinated by the wind. The name of the anemone comes from the Greek word meaning windflower (a name the plant sometimes has in English), so called because it was thought the flowers open only when the wind blows [http://www.affixes.org/]

Address:  Agern Allé 24, 2970 Hørsholm

Email: info@anemo-analytics.com

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