Business Support & Services



Validate your internal analytics ideas by our agile and rapid prototyping team - get traction of your new data driven innovations


Accelerate your solution development by collaborating with a competent tech startup - bring your innovations to life


Get dedicated support of business critical initiatives and projects within Digitalization - from strategy development to solution deployment




  • DIGITALIZATION CONSULTANCY: Strategic and operational business support within data driven and analytical initiatives:


  • Strategic decision support for how to setup and exploit data and analytics in your organization
  • An operational roadmap of how to generate value from your data together with a supporting business case
  • Proof-of-concept analytics solutions based on your operational data validating the business case opportunity


  • WIND TURBINE CONSULTANCY: Data driven warranty case handling and technical risk assessment during acquisitions


  • Technical case handling for warranty cases
  • Technical end-of-warranty health assessment of your assets
  • Evaluation of commercial potential for deployment of our reporting and analytics solutions on your specific wind farm

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