Performance Optimization


Performance Optimization

- dedicated analytics solutions -


Leverage data driven analytics for future yield and performance optimization - it is your investment


Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and reduce costs


Implement real-time monitoring and feedback control loops for real-time optimization of your turbines



Data driven optimization and analytics performance improvements


  • Analysis for “anomaly detection”: Our data driven analytics identify outlier performance on system and subsystem level without the need for installation of additional hardware and without violation of warranty constraints on newer sites. Early detection of outliers enables you to act while under warranty, prevent downtime and lost production, and to optimizing your O&M planning.


  • Deployment of our analytics: Depending on the application, the life cycle state of the wind turbines and your internal business processes, our algorithms are either operating on static and historical data, or implemented as a continuous feedback loop to the wind turbine controller for real-time and continuous performance optimization of your wind turbines


  • Custom made: Customer use cases are solved by dedicated algorithm development based on the specific data-model of the OEM turbine brand, the commercial constraints of the site and the data availability



Our algorithms and analytical solutions evaluate the details of your wind turbine performance data focusing on both technical and operational opportunities for improving your future value creation - examples are:


  • Blade monitoring - identification of rotor unbalance from mass deviation and pitch misalignment impacting component lifetime and yield


  • Optimization of the wind turbine aerodynamic efficiency by adjustment of realtime control settings enabling a continuous optimization of yield – optimizing your serial produced turbine to the individual and site layout specific opportunities.


  • Power curve condition monitoring - continuous evaluation of both sudden changes and long-term degradation of the wind turbine power curve impacting energy performance and product integrity


  • Validation of wind turbine software and hardware upgrades and the impact on performance


  • Analytics of alarm failure patterning, identification of root cause and establishing failure predictions for condition based maintenance and O&M optimization


  • We utilize the data from your turbines in operation together with our unique domain specific insight and turbine knowledge to gain new insights into your actual turbine performance.


  • We focus on what solutions matters to your business - we use sophisticated machine learning and computer science only where needed. We prefer simple algorithms and methods whenever possible and we differentiate by internally having both turbine and analytics domain knowhow enabling us to identify the simplest tools and methods to apply.


  • Depending on the specific application and customer use case, our data analysis is based on operational SCADA data, high frequency data, controller parameter settings and vibration data as well as available external data such as numerical weather models


  • We deploy our analytics solutions either as a continuous controller feedback loop, scheduled as part of the yearly reporting, and/or as site evaluations for end-of-warranty or technical risk assessments for acquisitions


  • Our solutions are developed in-house based on our extensive wind turbine knowhow and analytical competences

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