Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting


Get an objective data driven insight into your wind turbine performance - it is your assets


Improve future performance - it is your investment


Ensure transparency and a fact-based decision basis for your future strategic decisions




  • REPORTING: Receive periodic performance reports based on your wind turbine operational data documenting the true performance of your wind turbines:


  • Based on your operational data we continuously analyse your park performance and report the findings with recommendations for future improvements


  • We do dedicated reports for end-of-warranty and for wind farm acquisition with evaluations of the overall “turbine health”


  • All reports can be customized to your portfolio and your business needs
  • CONTENT: A data driven and objective operational assessment of your wind turbines based on operational data, such as:


  • Production, lost production and value of improvement opportunties
  • OEM contractual and actual yield reporting and validation
  • OEM contractual and actual availability reporting and validation
  • Root cause analysis of lost production: alarms, curtailment, reduced turbine efficiency, software updates, etc.
  • Evaluation of supplier performance metrics
  • Performance benchmarking of comparable turbines within the park and within the customer portfolio
  • Power curve evaluation and analysis of power loses in the turbine
  • Data driven and fact-based turbine health evaluation
  • INSIGHT: Get the analysis capabilites and insight comparable to large operators through our experts:


  • Get an unbiased and data driven health check of your park and turbine performance leveraging our expert industry knowhow on your assets
  • Get an objective evaluation of the contractual and actual performance of your assets
  • Get economies of scale advantages in your operation by improved insight


  • We utilize the data from your turbines together with our unique turbine domain specific knowhow to provide you with new insights into your actual and contractual turbine performance.

  • We unlock the knowledge and experience captured in your operational scada data, condition monitoring data, fastlog data and ERP system to optimized your future potential


  • We use analytics and data analysis for identification of the critical performance trends and data patterns of your asset, which defines the required actions to optimize the future performance of your wind turbines

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